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Mark Thibeault Biography

A deep understanding of line, rhythm, and space can be found in his paintings and in the instruments he crafts and plays.

Mark Thibeault is an expressionist painter currently residing in Telkwa, British Columbia Canada. Inspired by abstract expressionists, Thibeault refers to objects and surroundings for lines and shapes to start a piece. Compositions may come together quickly but are often painted over in favour of a composition that will insist it is complete and better than it was. Whether the composition finds itself early or after multiple edits, each has great depth and space and is rich with varied marks, layers of collage, acrylic and oil paint. The mood of each piece is governed by the previous line’s influence and affect.

After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts from the University of Windsor in 1992, Mark learned the art of lutherie. He has since designed and crafted over 400 world-class musical instruments. Mark’s guitars have been featured in Terry Burrows’1001 Guitars To Dream of Playing Before You Die. Each instrument is a work of art made from gorgeous figured woods and beautifully appointed with wood and shell inlay. Visit

A multi instrumentalist, Mark developed a love for soundscapes while in university co-designing, composing and performing in multimedia presentations. More recently, he is often called to record and perform on pedal steel and guitar to underscore rich texture and mood.

In 2013, a friend suggested doing a show of paintings together. The resulting show, “Home” with Thibeault and fellow artist Facundo Gastiazoro was a collection of paintings, digital collages and installations. An honest commentary on our community, environments and individual perceptions of home. This show marked a fervored return to painting for Thibeault.

Mark’s paintings are current and honest.

In April 2019, Thibeault will be showing “A Line Collected” at the Smithers Art Gallery. A showing of recent expressive drawings and paintings on various surfaces. “A Line Collected” is a gathering of experiences finding their way to being witnessed as a mark.

UPDATE June 2019

The April showing of “A Line Collected” April 2019 was a great success having sold almost one third of the works at the opening reception and more throughout the following month.

Following the show Thibeault was notified that he is the successful finalist for the first week long residency at the Cassiar Cannery fall 2019. To find out more about the residency visit

UPDATE May 2020

Works completed during residency at the Cassiar Cannery were shown at a solo show February 2020 at the Museum of Northern BC Ruth Harvey Gallery in Prince Rupert. They can be seen here on the “Work” page under the heading Cycles. Observing how natural environment and human experience both continually adapt to the other’s
changing influence and needs, Cycles is a collection of abstract and expressive works influenced by the Cannery experience and north coastal BC.

More showings are scheduled into 2021 in Terrace, Hazelton and Prince George.